Thought #2 – Beauty in Everything!

I have always loved writing stories on little pieces of paper and sometimes I would sit so confidently in front of the family and read my stories, I guess I was around 10 years old then. This passion grew with me so I kept writing but at one point I shifted to my camera and started taking the shots I wanted through a lens so I could share my vision and perspective through a photo. Later on, the medium became painting using oil paints where I was able to combine colors, express emotions and live in that moment expressing my deepest feelings and emotions. I combined my love of arts and culture with storytelling to create Through the Eyes of the Artist walk. It started in Amman and then developed to other neighboring cities. Cities fascinate me. The culture in a city is so inspiring, it could be a small café in Damascus, a show in London, a walk in Jerusalem, a mango juice in Cairo, or a visit to an art gallery in New York. Amman is a cross road between cultures so its essence is not similar to what I have mentioned above but it has an unusual topography, hills and valleys, stairs. A mix of old and new. The hidden treasures of the city keep unfolding. You keep discovering elements of beauty that never cease to amaze you. One needs to open their heart and eyes to see and feel the beauty, it is the core of our existence and infuses optimism.