Art & Culture Consultant
As an expert artist and knowledgeable art consultant, Rana helps clients make the most of the Middle East’s growing art market. She provides expert advice and guidance to clients looking to decorate their space or invest in art. Over the years, Ms. Safadi has built relationships with a broad range of specialists in the arts, ensuring that her clients receive the highest level of sophistication and investment value. With Rana’s keen eye for authentic, beautiful and valuable pieces, you can thus be confident that your investment will pay off. Meanwhil,e Rana’s private collection features paintings by famous artists such as Fakerelnissa and Paul Guiragossian whose works have increased dramatically in value over the years.
Cultural Events
Rana boasts an extensive network of connections within the cultural and entertainment industry, which enables her to manage a cultural event from A to Z. Her expertise in event management and her passion for the arts make her an invaluable asset to any individual or organization seeking to organize a cultural event around music, jazz or drama.
Training & Workshop Services
quipped with a certificate in training of trainers (TOT), Rana provides training services and workshops to various clients. Focusing on the younger generation, Rana teaches them the importance of cultural heritage and how to preserve their cultural values. As a powerful storyteller, she likes to add humor in all subjects in order to make the learning more enjoyable and memorable. For example, she offers NGOs and university students workshops on a range of topics, such as cultural heritage, cultural identity and the art scene of Amman. She also trains cooperatives that are focused on women how to market and package artisanal products. Furthermore, she has trained Syrian male refugees who work in construction or similar labor-intensive jobs on how to preserve their culture. Clients Rana’s clients for training and other services are wide-ranging, including prominent organizations like GIZ, Petra National Trust (PNT), Friends of Archaeology and Heritage Society (FOAH), universities, embassies, and many other NGOs.