Meet Rana, an artist and cultural consultant with a passion for storytelling, people and her beloved city of Amman. Her artistic medium of choice is oil on canvas, and vibrant and dynamic brushstrokes capture the essence of the city. Rana’s love for people and their connections are evident in her work, which showcases the diversity and beauty of the places she visits.

As a cultural consultant, Rana promotes and preserves the city’s rich cultural heritage by providing expert advice on various projects and initiatives. With her unique blend of creativity and expertise, Rana is a true ambassador for the city of Amman and its cultural identity.
In addition to her artistic and consultancy work, Rana is a public speaker and has delivered a TEDx talk titled “Amman, the Story” to impact the community. She also served on the judging committee for the British Embassy and British Council, where she played a key role in defining four prize categories for professionals who studied in the UK.
Overall, Rana’s work draws inspiration from a love letter she wrote to her hometown, reflecting her deep connection to Amman and the broader culture in which she grew up. Her art, consultancy projects, photography, tours and written works as well as public talks are an ode to her homeland, capturing the beauty and energy of her home.

The Artist

As an artist, Rana plays an important role in shaping the definition of what constitutes the Arab “modern” style, working alongside other creators to establish a unique artistic identity that reflects the region’s contemporary influences. She creates a plethora of mediums, initially using photography as her medium of choice, but later turning to oil paint and mixed media with oil. Her mature pieces are distinguished by their sensitivity to delicate states of experience and their bold use of color. In fact, color is the emblem of the strong feelings that Safadi holds toward her subjects and the intense emotions she seeks to convey to viewers.

One of the hallmarks of Rana’s work is her unconventional use of a knife instead of a brush, which infuses her canvases with a distinctive energy and texture. She also skillfully utilizes a wide variety of color palettes, ranging from harmonious to boldly contrasting. The exquisite colors with which she lavishes her canvases invites a sensual interaction while the thickly layered oil paint offers a tactile sensation that is almost tangible.

The Cultural Travel Companion
Intimately acquainted with Jordan’s deep history, diverse cultures and dynamic geography, Rana offers personalized guided tours in the kingdom where she takes visitors on a journey through the country’s rich cultural heritage, ancient ruins, modern art galleries and more.
With a focus on a niche market of luxury and artistic travel, Rana offers small bespoke cultural and anthropological tours where she exposes visitors to art, design, craft, food and the socio-economic texture of Jordan. Her primary clients include individuals, couples and affinity groups who travel for leisure and cultural purposes.

Current services feature walking tours of historic Amman neighborhoods with integrated discussions of architecture and the historical narrative of the city and people. Along the way, visitors will have the opportunity to visit galleries, artists’ ateliers and the workshops of local craftspeople. Rana’s tours further incorporate visits to homes for lunches and dinners with organizations as well as families and individuals who hail from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds and neighborhoods.

Ultimately, Rana brings together the practical street smarts of an Amman native with the sensibilities of an artist who has ‘seen’ her city through the media of photography, oil painting and mixed media. Trust her to navigate Amman’s traffic and maze of narrow streets, while she opens up a world of culture, art and history that goes beyond the typical guidebook, providing tourists with an experience of Amman they will never forget. So, join Rana for an unforgettable journey through the country’s past, present, and future.



Emotional Landscape (2021)

Letters of Gold: State of the Spirit (2013)

Awakening Dreams V – Jodar Artistry – Group Exhibition (October 2023)
Awakening Dreams IV – Nabad Art Gallery – Group Exhibition (October 2022)
Awakening Dreams III – Wadi Finan Gallery – Group Exhibition (September 2021)
Awakening Dreams II – JoDar Artistry – Group Exhibit (October 2020)
Awakening Dreams I – Nofa Creative Space – Group Exhibit (October ‘19)
Artist of the Month – Blue Fig – Solo Exhibit (October ‘19)
Colorful Contemplations Exhibit – Zara Center – Group Exhibit (April ‘14)
Artist of the Month – The Good Bookshop – Solo Exhibit (December ‘14)
Artist of the Month – Blue Fig Café – Solo Exhibit (October ‘13)
Art Exhibit at the Jordan Festival – Zara Center – Group Exhibit (July ‘08)
Nights of Jordanian Treasures – UNESCO Premises, Paris (April ‘07) – Launched by Her Majesty Queen Rania Al-Abdallah
Steps and Stones – UNESCO Premises – Solo Exhibit (February ‘01)
Faces and Places – Artisana Crafts Center – Solo Exhibit (September ‘99)
Jordan through Sand, Paper and Lens – American Embassy – Group Exhibit (June ‘99)