Thought #1 – The Cities in Me

I have always been fascinated with beauty whether in people or things: architecture, furniture, books and even nature. As a child I was surrounded by beauty and I sought it everywhere, be it in the relationship between people such as family or neighbors, or in the beauty of the narrow streets, old buildings, lemon trees and the smell of the Jasmine in Amman. All this helped me develop a visual sense for beauty that existed in the life around me and it became an integral part of my existence. My mum has an amazing sense of beauty, she knows how to combine colors and what to dress for every occasion. She would always have a little flower in a small vase, and she would sit and knit for hours using all the beautiful knitting wool balls in front of her. My grandfather also played a role in opening my eyes to beauty, especially in Amman’s downtown, as well as in nature, as he would always take us to the farm and tell us a story. He was such a wise and gentle soul!